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 World of Warcraft TCG 
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Post World of Warcraft TCG
Some of you may know me as I have been around 10 years in Japan, run face to face roleplaying weekly for the last 8 and have been to Shakeys a few times trying to convince people to play WOW TCG.

Those who have been watching, might know that the franchise is now owned by Cryptozoic, who are highly motivated to look at the Japan market more seriously.

I recently went to Vegas to attend the US Open Championships and had an amazing time, and in talking to various senior representatives am now happy to announce that they will be supporting some organized play in Japan.

Right now though, I am not aware of any other players of WOW TCG in Japan, but have a bee in my bonnet to find out who, where, when etc.

I am planning to run a first event on the 3rd weekend in July, somewhere in Tokyo. I have starter decks for people to learn with, have loot cards, mats and deck boxes to give away as prizes (courtesy of Cryptozoic) and am planning to try and run this monthly for WoW TCG players as an official Battleground event.

I have some questions and advice to ask here though.

1) Has anyone seen shops carrying WoW TCG product? (I have some product and will supply at cost for initial events, just interested as UpperDeck - previous franchise holder, have said they sold product in Japan from the last set, which means since the beginning of this year and I just haven't seen that anywhere.)
2) Can anyone let me know the best places to go online and offline to try and source Japanese players?
3) Is there anywhere I should be looking to source gaijin players (other than shakey's)
4) Given the first session will be likely be hit or miss on numbers, is there anywhere anyone can suggest with a set up for card gaming (i.e. plenty of tables and chairs) that is not too expensive to rent out?

Finally, I would like to ask anyone interested in giving Wow TCG a go, to post here and let me know. I am very happy to show people how to play etc and have plenty of cards!

Thanks for listening and in advance for any advice.

Cheers guys,

Thu Jun 24, 2010 3:24 pm
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Post Re: World of Warcraft TCG
I've personally never seen people playing the game here but imagine they exist somewhere.

The real problem with reaching out to people into card games in order to gather new players is that if they like their current game then it's generally cost prohibitive to play more than one CCG.

Probably the best hope is that there's a secret core of players in Japan that would like organization.

Hopefully you get some leads.

Thu Jun 24, 2010 4:39 pm
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Post Re: World of Warcraft TCG
Hi Karrallak,

My name is Jeffrey and I used to live in Tokyo until I moved back to the US. I used to attend the weekly Shakey events for about 4-5 years. In fact, I was part of the original group of guys who started the event. Anyways, I used to play WOW with a person who is still in Japan. I sent him a IM message and told him to see your post on this forum. His name is Gary Stevenson and he is an awesome player in WOW. He even attends some of the British events when he goes home. I hope he can contact you and introduce some of his friends that play. I wish I was still there because I would attend your tournament. I don't think you will find many Japanese players of WOW unless they speak English. I hope they can translate the cards and that will engage the Japanese players. Good Luck!!!

Fri Jul 02, 2010 10:07 am
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