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 The Game to Rule Them All! 
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Post The Game to Rule Them All!
The shadow of Sauron has reached Japan!
I finally got my copy of the collectors edition of the War of the Ring last weekend! :D

The War of the Ring Collector's Edition is a strategic wargame in a fantasy setting where one player takes control of the Free Peoples, and the other player controls Shadow Armies. As with the standard version of this game, one can win a military victory, either as Sauron and the Shadow Armies if he conquers a certain number of Free People cities and strongholds, or with similar conditions when playing as Fellowship and Free People. The game may also be won by the Free People by completing the quest of the Ringbearer and trying to get secretly to Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring. Hidden movement prevents Sauron's awareness of the real intention of his enemies and keeps him looking across Middle Earth for the precious Ring. The Free People player must balance the need to protect the Ringbearer from harm, against the attempt to raise a proper defense against the armies of the Shadow, so that they do not overrun Middle Earth before the Ringbearer completes his quest.

The box on a 90x180 cm ping-pong table with Yamato for scale! :P

The game itself.

The minis!

The free people of the Midle Earth (Paul) joined their forces against Saurons (me) and Sarumans (Sergio) minions. :D

Paul had played the game before and needless to say we got our *** kicked. :D
The fellowship entered Mordor unharassed while Saurons troops had achieved only 1 victory point and the Ents had destroyed Saruman. lol

What a great game though!
Looking forward to the next meeting.

Tue Jun 01, 2010 11:53 am
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