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 Reverse engineered Heavy Gear Blitz campaign/scenarios 
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Post Reverse engineered Heavy Gear Blitz campaign/scenarios
Okay John so I had some time to think on the train about the secenario we played and decided to reverse engineer it and flesh out the details with options.

So the way I see it is someone from the the town or surrounding area with northern affiliations found the old earth mech wreckage in the badlands from the war and sent the info back pics/ rough specs etc to the north. They saw the info and sent in a squad of techheads with backup to do an initial examination and then retrieve and escort should it be the real deal. When they get there the tech heads set to examining while the military boys set up a defence perimeter and a patrol.

Now one of the techheads is a double agent/ sympathizer/ hippy or whatever and leaks the info to the South with some of initial results showing it to more than likely be useful.

So the south send in a crack squad of commando badboys to capture it. Now, not being expected they decide to send the patrol on a wild goose chase by causing a stir away from the real point of entry and draw some of the forces of the north away. Something for example like a recon squad and naga making some noise and then sneaking off into the mountains. Leaving the patrol chasing ghosts while the real attack starts elswhere.

This is where our secenario came in, ending with capture of the mech by the south, where the mech was lets say carried away by the s.cobras down the road. Then loaded onto the convoy trucks waiting in reserve 20 or 30 miles away. Meanwhile the recon squad and naga would circle around through the mountains and meet up with the rest of the force.

Next during the assault on the defenders the patrol recieves a mayday and realises they've been had. They head back top speed to find the wreckage about the same time the ghost squad meet up with the successful units.

This leads us onto scenario number two, a convoy and ambush scenario, in which one of the non wrecked gears tracks the southern commandos and communicates back with the patrol who chase after them. The commandos having to travel on the road and at say the speed of a combat speed tank of some description and the road being surrounded by mountains and trees as in the previous scenario. Thus the commandos are pretty trackable. Then of course The patrol would be pretty heavily armed and up to you John (or whoever else joins in) The North also could split their force into 2 or 3 parts sending a forward party to make a road block and being able to attack from both edges that are parallel to the road. The south have to generally stick to the road with the convoy, but of course other gears can do whatever.

The objectives the North to recapture and retreat into the mountains i.e. of a parrallel board edge. The south to get to an easily defendable natural fortress of the other edge of the board via the road edge. The three outcomes the North win, the south win and everybody dies could lead to three new scenarios.

The South win and wait for reinforcements in the fortress, seige scenario.

The North win and retreat into the mountains searching for a point to call for reinforcements and essentially exit the mountains, the south track communicate with their reinforcements who arrive after a certain number of turns, so some kind of espionage scenario in the mountains with a number of victory conditions for both sides.

People die to much and so retreat and call reinforcements who arrive and race to get the object, a kind of capture the flag scenario with a no mans land strewn with gear corpses.

What do you think?

Sun Jun 28, 2009 9:34 pm
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Post Re: Reverse engineered Heavy Gear Blitz campaign/scenarios
Ack! You managed to get a game going today? It makes me even more sad that I couldn't be there. :(

How did it go?

Sun Jun 28, 2009 9:47 pm
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Post Re: Reverse engineered Heavy Gear Blitz campaign/scenarios
Pretty good, rules were a bit all over the place and we realised that missiles totally ruin you although we need to clarify their rules a bit next time, for missiles that miss and scatter for example with relation to damage. (Aha, the damage is on the unmodified original dice roll even after deviation.)

Also John look at page 22, if your concealed in woods etc and not close its detect vs the cover or you can try active lock and only use indirect stuff with the threshhold being concealment. I think we did this and the rules for concealment almost right. And it seems you were right about ROF only one dice no matter how many you use and how many hit etc.

Anyway good fun!

Sun Jun 28, 2009 11:24 pm
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