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 Multi-Player Magic 
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Post Multi-Player Magic
Just a quick question.
Does anyone have opinions on how much justification one should have to give for doing certain actions, especially attacking a player, in multi-player games?
I'd be very interested in your thoughts.
S ;)

Thu Apr 15, 2010 11:52 pm
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Post Re: Multi-Player Magic
I attack. period. If you cant stop me or if i feel i can attack you without hurting my position I will. that being said I'm not a spread the love around kind of guy my attacking is more effective if i can concentrate it on one person. I usually attack one person with dudes and one person with general and sometimes i have to switch targets because the situation has changed(like someone is going to do something i think is lame or i cant attack my previous target)

sometimes I attack the guy playing a deck that bores me and I just don't want to see what you bring out. If you show up with something I think will be interesting(purely my own opinion) I will make you less of a priority. New decks aren't as tuned and shouldn't be a big of a threat so I like to be surprised by what they have cooked up and maybe give it a chance to show its stuff.

basically I start attacking as soon as I can and i keep up the assault unless things change dramatically. edh is coolest in a 4 way for that reason i leave one guy alone(wo i think i will be able to solo after the others are dead) and go after two other players i think are more threatening or softer targets.

bottom line though i want to play the best i can, and that means attacking with my dudes instead of sitting on my hands. MAKE A DECISION even if its not the best one. because, come on you cant always know who is the biggest threat. Make a decision and make someone deal with you or die. I also dont think its good to switch target just because your mark is going to die. Take opponents out of the game! its better to end the game and give them another chance to play in a new game when things dont go well for them than to let them hang on with no real chance of winning.

i think the best way to not get attacked is to deploy forces that make your opponents think twice about the counter attack. this is why you can see stuff like two players with huge forces taking out the two people with nothing.

that and I hate islands! play islands and i will come after you and try to get everyone else to as well.

so want me to not attack you?

play something new/cool
avoid playing islands
make lots of dudes and bash face(have a nice force that is capable of making a decent counter attack)

In case you all didnt know I dont play ANY mass removal anymore whatsoever.

Go redzone!!!!!

also fireballing/drainlifeing people out of the game is LAME and I will take you out if you play this kind of crap!!!

Fri Apr 16, 2010 12:18 am
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Post Re: Multi-Player Magic
My opinion is, as usual, pretty Laissez Faire. You can have any reason you want. Maybe someone is wearing my least favorite color, maybe I'm having a bad day, who knows.

Of course, if you want to win some reasons are better than others but that's a different question. I think for the people being targeted, they feel like they deserve a legitimate reason but it shouldn't be taken too seriously.

At the same time, if I get attacked, I'm going to complain a lot and try to convince people they're being unfair (which they are) but it would be silly not to complain. :P

In closing, here's a list of reasons I think are pretty rational:

Momentum (attacking a player near death makes sense.)
Attack the player with the most answers to your stuff.
Attack the player who messed with you earlier.
Attack the player who killed you last game.
Attack the player who plays white.
Attack the player who plays green.
Attack the player who plays blue.
Attack the player with the strongest board position.

I'm bored now.

Fri Apr 16, 2010 12:21 am
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Post Re: Multi-Player Magic
You should not have to give any justification if you dont want to. Often they just slow down the game and encourage coaching. If someone really wants to know why you did something they can ask you after the match.

Fri Apr 16, 2010 1:18 pm
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Post Re: Multi-Player Magic
PETER!!!!!!!!! miss you man <3!!!!!!!

come home!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:50 pm
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Post Re: Multi-Player Magic
I don't think there should be any inherent law about justification for actions, but the more severe the action, the better the justification needs to be to not end up infuriating.

e.g. "Why did you destroy my sol ring just now?" (not-so-severe)
"Because I felt like it."
-Right, so I'll be sure to waste some land destruction on a few of your lands in the future for payback.
"Because that's two turns I just saved myself from Emrakul"
-I have no problem with this.

"Why did you just commit an alpha strike at me, killing me even though you will most certainly lose from player C?"
"Because I wanted to be the one who killed you."
"Because the game was going on too long and other people are waiting."
-Again, no problem with this.

Fri Apr 16, 2010 8:26 pm
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Post Re: Multi-Player Magic
Thanks everyone, very interesting.
(ps. Yeah, come back Peter!!)
S ;)

Sat Apr 17, 2010 12:17 am
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Post Re: Multi-Player Magic
A very interesting question. Three points:
1) I've had a couple of games that turned nasty because someone was attacked for a valid reason but inferred a personal motive. It may be a bit hard to distinguish motives - for example, if you're playing permission then you are probably the biggest threat to someone who wants to win with a big X spell, and they are within their rights to try to take you out first. The same can be said for a lot of strategies. I suggest:
a) give someone the benefit of the doubt if you play with them a lot - assume their motives are game-based and rational to them
b) play different decks of different power levels - maybe they or their deck doesn't like your DECK, but that's nothing personal
c) see how someone treats you over several games before jumping to conclusions

2) While I don't disagree with what Sean says exactly, I know that losing badly in every game you play makes for a bad night of gaming. In the spirit of 'do unto others', I try to make sure that I don't go after the same person too much - spread the love around. If every time I sit down at a table I know that the same guy is always going to be gunning for me (whether for good reasons or bad), then that is unfun...and if you think the gunnee should enjoy the challenge of defending against the gunner, then challenge them to a duel rather than a multiplayer game.

3) I was going to stop at two, then I realized the underlying premise of the question: do we need to verbally justify our actions? There are arguments for and against, but I dream of finding a play group where that doesn't matter, everyone trusts each other and everyone makes smart decisions.

Mon Apr 19, 2010 8:27 am
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