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 Mono-Blue Rayne, Academy Chancellor EDH 
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Post Re: Mono-Blue Rayne, Academy Chancellor EDH

Twincast - I am tired of having this card sit in my hand. Sure it has generated some lols, but I prefer cards that are more immediately useful.

Dismal Failure - As I said, its simply the weakest counterspell. Plus with Rewind also out, this makes all my counterspell effects (with the exception of Desretion) six mana, which the OCD side of me approves of.

Guile - He's a 6/6 guy that is hard to block most of the time, I won't be countering a whole lot of spells anyway, and I would like my guys to have more utility.

Honden of Seeing Winds - Tough choice, but I am satisfied with my CA engines and want to see how the deck runs without the honden for a while.

Relearn - Hard to make the call without ever having used it, but I have taken note of what is in my graveyard in case I ever drew it, and most of the time the prime targets (acquire, bribery, time strech) aren't there (either from a Relic or just because there's so few good targets in such a large deck).

Planar Portal - As Sean said, too mana-intensive, I have had it sit dead in my hand plenty of times.

Rewind - Its just a counterspell with no other utility. Sure its a really good counterspell, but I like my counterspells to do more than just say "no".

Control Magic - Again, weakest link. I am tired of it getting blanked by protection engines; I feel my effects need to be more resilient, so that I don't lose out so much if somebody has a trick up their sleeve.

Flight of Fancy - Difficult to tutor for, doesn't really do a whole lot other than give card advantage, and its sorcery speed and target-sensitive to boot. Weakest link I guess.


Journeyer's Kite,
Sol Ring,
Thawing Glaciers - I decided not to add or remove any islands and instead just add these cards. Hopefully my mana base will be more consistent.

Menmarch - I needed more big dudes, and he has great utility and demands to be answered.

Vedalken Shackles - Much stronger control magic effect, as the whole card isn't countered from a little bit of protection.

Alexi's Cloak - More tutor-able, and is everything I could hope for in terms of protection for my general.

Kederekt Leviathan - Again, a big dude with great utility. I don't have a lot of board wiping abilities, so being able to play a threat that does that is great.

Desertion - Another great control magic effect, as it targets something that is difficult to protect.

Time Stop - The mother of all 6-mana counterspells. Can't beat this kind of utility.


Overwhelming Intellect - Still on the fence with this one. If it could counter any spell I would be all for it, but I already have enough six mana counterspells to counter-scare people from getting too attached to their plans. Maybe I should replace Gather Specimens with it? There are very few situations where I wouldn't want a fist full of cards instead of a dude after using a six-mana counterspell.

Merchant Scroll - A very powerful tutor to be certain. Late game it could really save my ***, as I could get my choice of a threat (bribery), something to counter-scare with (desertion), or it could buy me some time to stabalize (time stop, time strech).

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