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 Darryl doesn't know MTG rules AGAIN. 
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Post Darryl doesn't know MTG rules AGAIN.
Hey Darryl,

800.4a. When a player leaves the game, all objects (see rule 109) owned by that player leave the game, all spells and abilities controlled by that player on the stack cease to exist, and any change-of-control effects which give that player control of any objects end. Then, if there are any objects still controlled by that player, those objects are exiled. This is not a state-based action. It happens as soon as the player leaves the game. If the player who left the game had priority at the time he or she left, priority passes to the next player in turn order who's still in the game.
Example: Alex casts Control Magic, an Aura that reads, "You control enchanted

Example: Alex casts Bribery, which reads, "Search target opponent's library for a creature card and put that card onto the battlefield under your control. Then that player shuffles his or her library," targeting Bianca. Alex puts Wall of Wood onto the battlefield from Bianca's library. If Bianca leaves the game, Wall of Wood also leaves the game. If, instead, Alex leaves the game, Wall of Wood is exiled.

Shut up next time you think you know the rules. You don't know ****.

This is just to say.

Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:15 pm
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Post Re: Darryl doesn't know MTG rules AGAIN.
I don't know what the cards in question were but I'll just assume that you were right.

Either way, I think you blew the entire thing out of proportion.

First of all, it was casual EDH with nothing at all at stake. Why start yelling if there's nothing at stake. In fact, you weren't even in the game anymore.

Furthermore, it's a format where we already play with a bunch of made up rules not in the Comprehensive set you quoted. It seems that if Daryl and Peter had agreed on something then it doesn't really matter if it's in the rules or not.

I think citing the rules for clarity is good and so your post is not completely useless, but there's no need for the vitriol. Let's all just have a good time.

Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:36 pm
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Post Re: Darryl doesn't know MTG rules AGAIN.
Where to begin?
First off, apparently are you right. I remembered "any change-of-control effects which give that player control of any objects end", and am still not entirely sure why there is a distinction or what exactly it is. It seems unnecessarily convoluted to me, but the fact is that I was wrong. It's a shame, but the truth is it will probably happen again.
The bigger issue is the immaturity you demonstrated in screaming at me in public, and again in running home to post this here. The fact is it is pretty dumb to abuse the moderator, but rather than simply deleting your little tirade I will let it stand as a testament to how adults DO NOT deal with disputes.
For the record, a couple of guidelines.
* DON'T RAISE YOUR VOICE IN ANGER OR ABUSE AT SHAKEY'S. That sort of outburst could jeopardize our playing arrangement there, thus hurting everyone
* DISAGREEMENTS ABOUT RULES ARE INEVITABLE IN THIS GAME. Simply insisting that you are right and the other person is wrong, in the absence of a credible rules authority, is a waste of time. We need to think of a more creative and less blatantly egotistical way of resolving these disputes. In this particular case, the fact that a) you were not playing the game so there was no reason for you to get so bent out of shape, and b) the person in error (me, sorry :oops: ) was offering his opponent an advantage, not a disadvantage, means that there was no reason not to go along with my mistake. This means,
* BEING RIGHT IS NOT AS IMPORTANT AS KEEPING GOOD RELATIONS WITH THE REST OF THE GROUP. If you were right tonight, you could have been right next week without getting in my face, and I probably would have bought you a beer. Instead, you have to bring egos into it, which is counterproductive.


Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:57 pm
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